Mightyworld TRP packaging design

PACCAR Parts required distinctive packaging for the launch of a new range of trustworthy, reliable, trucking accessories – TRP Parts. As well as designing the identity, our solution also…

Mightyworld Prentice wine bottle packaging design

Prentice is a small winery in Gippsland, Victoria. These labels were created for their first range of wines. The bottles look distinctive and sophisticated. The…

Mightyworld Triple RRR radio print poster 80s 90s design

The design styles of the 1980s and 90s were certainly distinctive. Cast your mind back… and check out what we were doing back then.

Mightyworld Souwest Ocean Venus Abalone seafood packaging design

The Asian market loves Australian abalone so Souwest Seafoods wanted packaging that was distinctly Australian. They love the packaging we designed for their quality wild…

Mightyworld Oakstone Bridge Consulting logo branding design

The Oakstone Bridge identity represents the interconnected networks that form the basis of their recruitment business.

Mightyworld Workroom branding website design

We created a new and original corporate identity and website for this new and original strategic marketing consultancy. The design expresses their combination of people…

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